Princeton TMX Benefits


Princeton TMX helps eliminate unnecessary phone calls, faxes and email by letting the TMS handle the bulk of the communication and allowing transportation management personnel to focus on expenses.

Princeton TMX allows for much greater visibility of shipments
and highlights exceptions as they occur.

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All locations on a single system

- Corporate visibility
- Centralized view for multiple ERPs
- Location job sharing or vacation coverage
- Application flexibility
- Single rating engine platform

Track and trace

Real time proactive communication

- Check progress of loads / orders
- Improve on-time pick-up and delivery performance
- Improve customer satisfaction
- PoD detail for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
- Improve invoice accuracy
- Exception management

Manual dispatch

Automated tendering

- Time savings
- New/updated load detail
- Real time communication
- Exception management

Freight spend

Optimal tendering via low cost

- Customers have experienced actual freight savings of 10%-20%


Business Intelligence tools

- Analysis for additional savings
- Detail and scorecards for carrier reviews
- Canned reports (lane analysis, tendering and service performance, etc.)

Transportation IT Support

Cloud / SaaS

- Minimal ongoing IT support required
- Rapid implementation
- Princeton TMX hosts: no software/hardware costs
- No system upgrades required…included in the Princeton TMX solution