February 24, 2017

Autonomous Trucks: the Reality is Setting In

Fleet Owner’s Sean Kilcarr examines the introduction and impact of driverless trucks and writes, "In Steve Sashihara's view, the potential safety benefit of autonomous vehicles as a whole – cars and trucks – is what’s going to drive their adoption."

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February 14, 2017

Outlook Brightens for Small Carriers

"Steve Sashihara...also suggested that the fragmented nature of the trucking industry – especially the long-haul sector – could benefit smaller carriers as well."

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February 9, 2017

Is it “vroom, vroom” time for V2X technology?

"The influx of V2X and V2V technologies into all motor vehicles, not just big rigs, will help spur this dramatic shift to driverless trucks in freight transportation. But it won’t be a smooth nor necessarily obvious-to-the-naked-eye shift..." says Princeton TMX Chairman Steve Sashihara in a Fleet Owner article. 

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February 8, 2017

Steve Sashihara Discusses Big Data and Transportation

In Sean Kilcarr of Fleet Owner's examination of the flood of data hitting transportation companies, Princeton TMX Chairman Steve Sashihara asserts that there is "a real revolution in manufacturing, distribution, and therefore transportation."

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February 2, 2017

Spoiler Alert: To Avoid Disruption, Freight Transportation Executives Need Analytics

In the second part of its coverage of Princeton TMX Chairman Steve Sashihara's recent presentation about digital disruption in freight transportation and logistics, Fleet Owner emphasizes that the Internet of Things and Big Data are "the big drivers of success going forward." Executives need to be much more data-driven and leverage two types of analytics.

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February 1, 2017

Steve Sashihara Discusses an "Uberized" Approach to Freight in Fleet Owner Examination of Amazon

In today's Fleet Owner article, "Why Amazon Dominates Freight World Discussions," Princeton TMX Chairman Steve Sashihara discusses opposing arguments about the "Uberization" of freight, improving efficiencies at short-haul trucking carriers, and the need for large 3PLs and freight brokers to incrementally "Uberize" to avoid being leapfrogged by start-ups or new competitors like Amazon.

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January 31, 2017 Analyzes Steve Sashihara's List of Disruptive Freight Technologies

Based on the teleconference with Princeton TMX Chairman Steve Sashihara and Stifel Capital Markets Managing Director of Research John Larkin, Tiffany Hsu of analyzed the top disrupters that will impact freight transportation and logistics.

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January 30, 2017

Fleet Owner Summarizes Steve Sashihara Report on Digital Disruption in Freight Transportation

"The potential for autonomous trucks to disrupt freight transportation—or at least the recognition, by carriers and shippers, of that possibility—has surged in the past year," reports Fleet Owner in its recap of Princeton TMX Chairman Steve Sashihara's teleconference January 27 with Stifel Capital Markets Managing Director of Research John Larkin. Steve presented the results of a recent Princeton Consultants survey of transportation executives about their views of disruptive technologies and the business areas they may impact by 2024.

About the Uber-ization of freight, another disruptor, Steve said, “I don’t think we can sit back and just wait for things to happen, but that doesn’t mean we should create our own Uber-like channels. Whether we are a buyer of freight, a seller, or an intermediary, we have to improve our user friendliness and automation.” 

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December 15, 2016

Port Townsend Paper Company Selects Princeton TMX

The newest Princeton TMX user will be Port Townsend, Wash.-based Port Townsend Paper Co. (PTPC). PTPC produces pulp, paper, containerboard, and specialty products by blending virgin and recycled fibers at its mill. The company recycles one-third of all of the cardboard in the state of Washington.

"Our network is expanding because we have added new facilities—creating more transportation decisions every day," said Ed Barnes, PTPC's procurement and transportation manager. "We selected Princeton TMX because we were very impressed with its ability help us improve our processes by automating many aspects of our transportation management."

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October 25, 2016

Princeton TMX Launches Shipper TMS Business

Princeton TMX, an Indiana-based software company, has been launched to provide shippers with a cloud-based next-generation transportation management system (TMS). As a foundation of its mission, Princeton TMX has acquired the shipper software business of TransWorks, a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation.  This business is based on a breakthrough TMS platform that has successfully managed millions of shipments over 13 years for customers in agribusiness, building products, chemicals, forest products, metals, packaging companies, and diverse manufacturers.

Princeton TMX President Tim Minnich is the former president of TransWorks, which he helped found in 2001. Based in the PNC Center in downtown Fort Wayne, Princeton TMX has hired a team of top developers and account managers who created and supported the software system at TransWorks.

“We are dedicated to taking our shipper TMS platform to even greater heights—making it easier to use, with better functionality, savings and visibility,” said Minnich. “We have an experienced team that is executing from Day One on our roadmap, and we are fortunate to leverage the superb technical resources of our parent company, Princeton Consultants.”

“We see a tremendous opportunity to partner with shippers and redefine how technology can help improve transparency and reduce costs for all parties,” said Steve Sashihara, CEO of Princeton Consultants, and chairman of Princeton TMX. “The shipper TMS business we purchased has been a solid and successful platform for many well-managed, transportation-reliant companies—and we look forward to working with them to create a next-generation product that makes it even more successful for their businesses.”

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