Our shipper solutions empower customers to focus resources on exceptions,
while providing management with tools to minimize transportation expenses.

Our TMS can be used as a stand-alone application or deeply integrated into customers’ systems.

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Each module can be purchased and used separately to gather and disseminate information according to business requirements and technology capabilities.

Carrier Management

Automated information exchange between you and your carriers,
despite many technology limitations.

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Single point of integration from shipper ERP
to provide carriers multiple communication options:

• Streamlined, private, web-based portal for small and medium-sized carriers
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  
• Mobile apps (iPhone and Android)  • Auto-Fax

Rate Management

Our Rate Management System (RMS) can act as a stand-alone rating engine
and/or mirror your rate database(s). 

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Rates can be based on multiple criteria, such as:
• Mode, carrier, equipment, customer, city, state, zip ranges, zones,
equipment types, commodity, etc.
• Mileage, flat, minimum, ton, hundred weights, quantity, etc.

Fuel surcharge and other accessorials are applied to each shipment to determine actual cost.
RMS is used to make cost-based tendering decisions and enable freight payment.

Rules-Based Tendering

Reduced cost per shipment by tendering to the “best” carrier(s) in sequence,
based on your rules

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• Assigned lane or load (auto)—no response needed
• Single carrier—response required
• Allocation to multiple carriers
• Percentage of the lane number based
• Optimal (service level and/or cost)
• Broadcast to all/select carriers concurrently
• Optimal broadcast
• SPOT rates

…or any combination by lane, city, state, zone, point, etc.

Appointment Scheduling

Princeton TMX provides an automated flow of information to and from shippers and their carriers, despite many technology limitations.

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• Single point of integration for customers
• Clear visibility to the inbound and outbound flow
• Schedule and reschedule 24/7
• Automatic notifications if “ready time” changes

Trailer Pool

Carriers can track all trailers at a plant, warehouse, location, etc.

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Functionality available for one or many pools to manage:

• Trailer location and times
• Status of each trailer
• Empty, loaded, rejected (and reason), docked, etc.
• Detailed audits on each trailer, including date and time stamp,
as well as the user making the updates.
• Carriers have visibility to all the trailers in your location, along with the status and times

Exception Management

Proactive exception visibility and notification of issues—before they grow into failures.

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Key defined events are tracked from multiple sources:

• Tenders, rates, pick up, delivery, exceptions, insurance
• Proactive exception notifications based on business rules and carrier preferences
• Logging of events and status changes for historical review
• Audit logs to determine time sequence and user

Freight Settlement

Automated freight payment is enabled by leveraging rate and exception management,
minimizing human interaction and error.

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The shipper TMS stores all key data required for Auto Payment:

• Auto-rated shipments
• Base freight, fuel and other accessorials
• Proof of Delivery
…the TMS passes back the “rated shipment” and ePOD

Eliminates matching errors, duplicate invoices and invoice audit

Business Intelligence Metrics / KPIs

Objective carrier measurement based on individual metrics: cost, reliability and coverage

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Flexible web/reporting mechanisms:
• Leverage existing predefined reports on demand or create customized reports
• Define and report on critical KPIs

Create ad hoc reports:
• Schedule reports to run hourly, daily, weekly, etc.
• Many delivery options and flexible formats:
information can be stored and delivered via web browser, emailed, printed and/or saved as Excel, DOC, CSV, HTML or PDF

Customer Support

Princeton TMX support allows you to focus on your business
by supporting you through every facet of the implementation

• Business rules gathering
• On-site and web-based training
• Test Go live
• Go live

• Customer support/help desk available 24x7
• Strategic reviews
• Account management
• Regular releases of new functionality
• Business intelligence/reporting support