Princeton TMX Second Quarter Major Enhancements

July 20, 2020

How Princeton TMX Continues to enhance our TMS Product to better serve the Transportation Marketplace

Here are three Major Enhancements we’ve released during the second quarter of 2020:

Single Sign On for Truck and Rail. For multi-mode Shippers who utilize Truck and Rail functionality, we now provide with a way to access both modes with a Single Sign On. We developed and released this new feature in the 2nd Quarter. Now when a user logs into Princeton TMX, they can select Truck or Rail right from there. Once logged in, the user can continue to utilize both modes in a seamless manner.

Load Builder. With the ever changing Transportation Marketplace, Shippers are looking for ways to continually reduce costs. One of those ways is by combining LTL shipments into full truckloads. To solve this, Princeton TMX developed and released the Load Builder Module. Shippers can now send us Orders, which can then be built into Loads. Load Building utilizes a simple drag and drop process, where the user determines the order of the stops. TMX keeps track of the total weight and total units, allowing the user to know when they have reached capacity for a truckload. These combined orders are then turned into a truckload shipment in TMX, and follow the automated tendering process. This is a tremendous time and cost saver! 

Match Pay. For over 20 years, Princeton TMX offered Auto Pay as the means for Shippers to accurately have carrier payment information sent to their accounting systems. The Transportation Market has expressed the need to still receive and manage physical carrier invoices as well. Princeton TMX solved this by creating and releasing a Match Pay process within TMX. Carriers can upload their invoices directly into TMX. The user views these items in a work queue and begins the approval process. When a user selects an invoiced load, they are provided a split screen showing the TMX Load Details and Carrier Cost on one side and the physical invoice on the other side. If the user approves it, the cost information is sent to their accounting system. If the user rejects it, the load and rejection reason are presented back to the carrier in a TMX Work Queue. The entire process keeps the user and the carrier right in the TMX platform, eliminating old fashioned mail and emails.

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