Multi-mode TMS for Shipping by Rail and Truck

June 2, 2022

Princeton TMX adds rail capabilities to TMS system for seamless movement between shipping by rail and truck

ORLANDO, FL and FORT WAYNE, IN, June 6, 2022 / PR WEB

Princeton TMX announces new rail capabilities that augment existing truck (truckload, intermodal and LTL) modules in their cloud-based SaaS TMS system. Adding new features and modules for planning, executing, sourcing, and settling payments via railway freight transport allows for nearly seamless experience between truck and rail which can save time, reduce transport costs and conserve fuel, helping shippers to build more cost-effective and sustainable supply chains.

“Shippers today are looking for more flexible, fuel efficient options for shipping freight over long distances,” says Tim Minnich, President, Chief Executive Officer. “We are making it easier for manufacturers to have more options and control when picking modes and carriers.”

Shipping by rail is a great way for manufacturers to move their goods in a cost efficient, sustainable way. Offering rail with trucking enables companies to manage both modes in one TMS platform leveraging the cost advantages and strengths of rail shipping with speed and agility of trucks.

Princeton TMX has purpose built the rail capability into its microservices architecture, cloud-native TMS system, giving users a seamless, automated experience for managing their shipments each day.

Princeton TMX Modules for Shipping by Rail

In addition to the robust Princeton TMX ground transport modules with configurable workflows and work queues for planning, sourcing, execution, settlement, carrier communications, reporting and analytics, the new rail mode includes modules that support the unique requirements of shipping by rail. The rail shipping modules include freight rating, payment, equipment management, real-time load tracking & ETA, load building and yard management. Princeton TMX rail mode gives users the ability to create, edit, or view rail shipments and transmit this information to the appropriate railroad.

Visibility for Shipping by Rail as Well as Truck

Princeton TMX makes it fast and easy to automatically manage and view rail equipment, history, lease information and charges. Quickly access shipping information and status with real-time ETAs.

The Yard Management module allows shippers to create yards, define tracks and capacities within yards, visualize and drag and drop their rail cars between the tracks within the yard.

Rail Freight Audit and Payment with Demurrage 

Rail cost management is complex when a shipment passes through multiple carriers, and each must separately set and publish their own shipping rates and bill the customer for that rate. Princeton TMX multimode truck and rail TMS supports both through rates and Rule 11, eliminating the complexity presented across multiple handoffs.

Princeton TMX can also handle complex demurrage management which saves time and reduces costly demurrage fees.

To learn how Princeton TMX multi-mode TMS capabilities can help save time and money visit Booth 103 at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium / Xpo June 6 – 8.