TimeBlox™ Delivers Trucking Dispatch Software Capabilities for Planning Your Fleet Drivers’ Activity

October 18, 2022

Princeton TMX TimeBlox™ gives dedicated and private fleet dispatchers trucking software capabilities for driver activity in simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Deadhead mileage, also known as “backhaul” or “empty miles” is a costly headache for transportation managers tasked with efficiently managing driver time and on-time deliveries. The Princeton TMX TimeBlox™ module is a valuable part of the cloud-based TMS System that gives dedicated or private fleet dispatchers trucking dispatch software capabilities for managing driver activity and loads in a simple, graphical interface. TimeBlox™ improves driver and truck utilization and reduces costly deadhead mileage.

Save time and money with TimeBlox™

Underutilized assets and empty miles hurt shippers’ bottom lines. With fuel prices at record highs, eliminating any miles that don’t generate a revenue stream is essential for managing costs in private fleets, especially. According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) 2022 report, private fleets deadhead mileage runs at 24 percent. In addition to fuel savings, there are other benefits in avoiding those deadhead miles including:

  • Improved driver safety: deadhead trucking is dangerous for drivers, especially in the winter because empty trailers are hard to handle in windy or snowy conditions
  • Increased driver satisfaction by reducing wasted hours on the road or sitting idle, especially ones they don’t get paid for
  • Environmental benefits from cutting emissions by eliminating wasted trips
  • Helps manage supply chain costs by ensuring more goods are flowing

Dedicated fleet shippers counting on third-party backhauls to offset expenses can benefit from the TimeBlox™ system’s simple, visual management screen to quickly assign, reassign or fill in unpaid deadheads with backhauls.

Intuitive drag-and-drop TimeBlox™ trucking dispatch software capabilities

However, there are many challenges that dispatchers face to fill in these unused miles including figuring out the exact timing and durations of backhauls which can mean a lot of manual lookup and calculations. Then they need to be able to recognize when changes occur such as when a driver is unavailable or a shipment is delayed so adjustments can be made quickly.

The Princeton TMX TimeBlox™ TMS module delivers a clean, visual interface with the essential capabilities of trucking dispatch software that enables dedicated or private fleet managers to easily plan, assign a truck and a driver, and manage their time during the day that they are in service. The visual graphical interface puts everything the manager needs right on one screen, automatically calculating distances, showing current status, and enabling changes with just a few clicks or move of a mouse, eliminating emails, time-consuming lookups and wasted time.

Easily grab loads and simply “drop” them on the appropriate driver. Deadheads are calculated automatically. Want more detail? Simply hover and right click to see details. Changes are easy to do by dragging and dropping loads between trucks. Changes are simple to make on the fly. You can easily select all moves on a driver and drag them all to another driver at the same time in cases where a driver calls in sick, etc. and you need to replan their moves to another driver. Once you are ready, you can tender the loads by clicking Tender Plan.

Princeton TMX makes weekly system enhancements and updates. Check back for more great TimeBlox™ features! Want to see how you can save time and money in planning and managing your private fleet? Contact us for a demo today.

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