TMX Trendwatch: Week of March 25, 2024

March 25, 2024

Welcome back to TMX Trendwatch!

This week’s edition features a mix of future tech and its real-world implications. We’re distilling the biggest trends in supply chain technology and AI in logistics, while examining the cost of these future-forward moves in terms of dollars and geopolitical risk. Get caught up with the latest—and share the news with anyone in the industry who wants to stay in the know.

Adopting AI to Augment the Workforce
Logistics leaders are turning to AI for route optimization, dispatch automation and customer service, and they’re finding major efficiency gains—if human workers are retrained as AI managers.

US Reviewing Security of Connected Vehicles, Including Trucks
The Commerce Department may be eyeing a move that could lead to restrictions on certain foreign products developed for connected vehicles and wireless technology. The goal: Reduce the threat of foreign cyberthreats.

Supply Chain Tech Will See More Machine/Human Interplay
Gartner just released its top eight trends in supply chain technology, but cautioned that they should not be viewed in silos. The trends build off and feed into one another and the companies that lean into that interconnectivity are the most likely to succeed.

Electrifying Trucking: $1T Needed for Infrastructure
Most of that trillion-dollar investment is in charging infrastructure, including chargers, site infrastructure and utility service costs, the Clean Freight Coalition says. Now, they must figure out how to fund it.

There’s No End in Sight for Red Sea Shipping Disruptions
While many companies hope to sail the Red Sea again in a few months, there’s no telling when it will be safe again. The upside: Many corporate supply chains have gotten more resilient and flexible and are adapting to this new normal.

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