TMX Trendwatch: Week of June 17, 2024

June 18, 2024

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Pandemic-era shortages put a spotlight on the role of the supply chain in our lives, causing new pressures to push companies to make their supply chains more resilient, efficient, customer-focused, sustainable and innovative.

This Trendwatch takes a look at what’s behind this supply chain evolution and what trends companies need be aware of. Subscribe today to get the freshest transportation industry news delivered to you every other week.

The Rise of Customer-Centric Supply Chains: 50% of supply chain leaders are moving to a customer-centric supply chain to do their part in improving the customer experience. How are they doing it? Gartner has a four-step approach—and it revolves around data, data, data.

Why Is The Global Supply Chain So Fragile and How Can It Be Fixed?: ”It’s not like we have some system cooked up by wizards who went to the top of a mountain and thought about the most efficient way of doing things.” So, our “ad hoc, jury-rigged series of overlapping systems” collapsed in the face of new forces, and could again, unless company leaders make some key moves.

US Customs Tightens Enforcement on Low-Value E-Commerce Trade: A program designed to speed entry for low-dollar imports led to an explosion of e-commerce shipments from China and India that U.S. Customs & Border Patrol struggled to police. But the CBP is cracking down on those exploiting it.

Amazon Expands Drone Delivery for Online Orders: The FAA cleared Amazon to operate drones “beyond visual line of sight,” so pilots can fly drones past where they can see them with their own eyes. The move allows Amazon to expand it test program in Texas, where the company is battling Walmart for drone delivery dominance.

Logistics Players Brace for Supply Chain ‘Stress Test’ as Imports Hit a High: Monthly US imports are climbing toward their highest level in two years and will likely remain that way for the next seven months. The transportation industry struggled to handle the surge in 2022—can it now?

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