Get the best rates
on your lanes

Getting carrier quotes is quick and easy.

What our customers say

With Princeton TMX, we increased our
‘same day carrier acceptance’ by 48%.

Don’t settle for just gathering quotes

Make informed, strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

Multiple load scenarios?
No problem.

Our automated solution analyzes cost, performance, and tendering rules to identify the best choice for each lane, allowing you to optimize your transportation strategy and maximize savings.

Elevate your RFQ process

Be confident that you made the best choice for each lane.

By Cost

Evaluate total cost, including linehaul, accessorials, surcharges and fees, across all carriers.

By Performance

Leverage carrier scorecard data to identify and measure key performance indicators of carriers that can potentially service your network.

By Tendering Rules

Capture and apply clearly-defined shipment and service level requirements.

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