Food & Beverage
CPG, Agriculture

Removing the complexity of
the supply chain network

The CPG supply chain is complex with multiple parties involved (manufactures, suppliers, distributors, and retailers). We have built tools that make it easy to track shipments, set appointments with in delivery windows and notify you when deliveries are in jeopardy.

Our configurable TMS meets your diverse
transportation needs with:

Real-time Visibility

Immediate tracking and monitoring capabilities proactively notify you when shipments are in jeopardy of missing their delivery window.

Automation and Efficiency

By automating key processes like load building and tendering, our solution addresses OTIF challenges and provides you with the tools to manage this process more efficiently.

Freight Savings

Margins can be very thin and shippers need maximum visibility and flexibility to stay profitable. Reduce transportation costs and retailer fines using our highly configurable system that ranks carriers by cost, service rating, and other business rules.

User Experience

Utilizing AI and Machine Learning our system is intuitive, configurable and scalable for both the shipper and carrier community.

Case Study Spotlight

With the help of Princeton TMX’s Mobile App and autopay, one company no longer must wait on carrier invoices. The company went from $26,400,000 in overdue payments to only $561,000.

From $26M to $561K

Reduction in overdue payments

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