Lumber and
Building Supplies

Efficiency and automation in
a dynamic environment

Lumber and building materials companies need a solution with specialized features and adaptability.

Our configurable TMS meets your
diverse transportation needs with:

Rail Yard Management

With a vast network of producers, mills and distribution centers relying on rail service, our solution facilitates efficient rail yard management, ensuring seamless movement of lumber, drywall and other heavy materials.

Intermodal Transfers

The system optimizes intermodal transfers from rail to truck, accommodating specialized shipping needs such as center-beams and flatbed trailers, essential for the transportation of bulky products.

Weather Protection

We offer protective capabilities for weather-sensitive materials like fiberglass insulation, roof tiles and drywall, safeguarding the integrity of these critical building components.

Last Mile Delivery Integration

With many retail lumber and building supply centers offering last mile delivery, the system’s flexibility ensures timely and accurate delivery to residential and commercial job sites.

Case Study Spotlight

Leading manufacturer of paper and forest products Domtar was able to realize an 18.7% drop in freight spending—amounting to millions of dollars saved annually.


Reduction in frieght spending


Reduction in frieght spending

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