Mining and
Raw Materials

A configurable and flexible
system for complex operations

Mining companies need to make managing freight costs a priority, especially for fluctuating-value, high-weight materials and products.

Our configurable TMS meets your
diverse transportation needs with:

Optimized Freight Management

Whether it’s raw materials or finished products, our TMS ensures efficient freight management, accommodating various modes of transport including truck or rail.

Bulk Handling

Metals and materials often require specialized bulk handling solutions. Our TMS integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, optimizing load building and tendering processes.

Intermodal Transfers

Given the heavy and bulky nature of raw materials, intermodal transfers between rail and truck are common. Our TMS facilitates these transfers, ensuring timely and safe deliveries.

Cost Management

With fluctuating prices in the market, our TMS offers transparent cost management features, helping you stay competitive.

Case Study Spotlight

United Salt saved over $30,000 annually, with further savings projected, and experienced a 75% decrease in customer inquiries utilizing Princeton TMX.


in annual savings


in annual savings

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