Paper and

Complete visibility into
your transportation operations

Whether delivering shipments to plants from mills or outbound shipments of finished product, paper and packaging companies need a solution they can trust.

Our configurable TMS meets your
diverse transportation needs with:

Optimized Freight Management

Given the heavy nature of wood pulp and paper products, they are often shipped in full truckload or boxcar. Our Load Builder allows you to assemble full loads from orders.

Load Planning Optimization

The Load Planning Optimization Tool takes a batch of orders with lanes established and proposes the best fit for full loads arriving on time. For wet loads with the potential for leakage, the automatic tendering system can tender only to carriers that will accept them.

Real-time Visibility

Immediate tracking and monitoring capabilities allow for better decision-making, reducing shipping costs and lead times.

Quick Onboarding

Get onboarded and start realizing value in less than 90 days.

Case Study Spotlight

One paper manufacturing company cut down the load building process, which took 4 to 6 hours when doing it manually in Excel, to 30 minutes using Princeton TMX.

From 6 hours to 30 minutes

Time spent on load building

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