Optimized freight spend

Improve performance and reduce costs by turning actionable insights into optimized freight planning.

One company achieved a 28% drop in freight rates in the first year of working with us.

Find the right rates, with the right rules

Automate your freight spend and save time and cost.

Rate structures:

Flat rates

Rate per mile

Weight-based rates

Volume-based rates

Multi-plan and multi-region fuel surcharge

Through our embedded reporting suite

Eliminate hours of calling and emailing carriers every day.

Automatically Request Quotes

Rates can be solicited for lanes using the embedded request for quote (RFQ) tool – already built-in to the platform.

Compare Rates

Carriers respond to an RFQ with the rates they would charge and how much of the demand they can service. Carriers who have rates accepted are profiled in the system.

Assign Loads

Find the right carriers for the right loads, based on rates and service ratings.

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